We're building a company that could be equivalent in scale and relevance to Amazon. Sound like an exaggeration? Let us explain how we view the market.

Amazon and e-commerce in general have completely disrupted the "last mile" — from ordering products to getting those products delivered. But the "first mile" in the supply chain, where the product is actually produced, hasn’t changed in over a hundred years. In spite of that, its value is immense and only keeps growing. Fashion manufacturing alone is a $1.2Tn space.

We're building an on-demand manufacturing platform that meets the needs of the 21st century and a social media economy. We bootstrapped our way to a $15M run rate and just closed a $10M Series A with a top-tier Silicon Valley VC. We believe we can create enormous value and literally change the world by making manufacturing accessible to everyone.

Our company is hiring game-changing technology and supply chain experts for both our Los Angeles and Bay Area offices.

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  • Pet Friendly

  • Modern Office

  • Data Driven

  • Professional Development

  • Collaborative Environment

Our Team

  • Joseph Heller


  • Amit Gupta

    VP of Global Support

  • Eleanor Marie Cruz

    Creative Manager

  • Gabriel Colita / Radu Ghita

    VP of Engineering

  • Matthew Eley

    Head of HR, Recruiting & Strategic Relationships

  • Alex Tretyakov

    Sr. Digital Marketing Manager

  • Niels Kvaavik

    VP of Sales

  • Harry Adams

    Sales Development Representative

  • Kent Mori

    Chief of Staff

  • Michael Lee

    GM of Small Business Solutions

  • Charles Mai

    Sales Development Representative

  • Christine Pearsall

    VP of Marketing