The Sales Account Manager is responsible for contacting prospect customers, as well as existing customers, such as businesses and organizations to promote The/Studio products and services.

● Manages list of returning customers, builds relationship and strong customer connection to grow pipeline
● Provides accurate solutions to customer inquiries and concerns
● Meets the company's sales goals and agenda
● Identifies prospects and eventually closes sales
● Provides exceptional service
● Provides quotations and upsell orders to potential customers
● Listens to what the customer wants by provide better options regarding the company’s products
● Makes customer feel important is a non-negotiable
● Makes outbound customer calls to promote and sell a product or service
● Consolidates existing customer base while building new customer base
● Ensures prospect customer follow-up all the time
● Sends or emails product literature, brochures, catalogues, and other campaign material
● Handles customer needs and requirements
● Responds and resolve customer inquiries

● Good to excellent English communication skills
● Accustomed and successful in uncovering decision and closing makers within large users of our products.
● Extensive experience in prospecting clients/customers, most especially B2B.
● Wide range of knowledge with regards to clients prospecting.
● Has at least worked in BPOs or International companies with a lengthy tenure to garner appropriate experience (Minimum 2 years work experience in Sales) Have experienced handling and managing international accounts.
● Active Listener, Attentive, Keen to Details, Exceptional Communication & Comprehension Skills.